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Who can register?

Income from 10,000,000 VND/month or more

Outstanding Benefits

Earn points up to 8% for online spends (*)

Get 50% discount voucher for Grab everyday (**)

Zero annual fee with conditions (***)

0% instalment interest


- (*) Terms and conditions for the Techcombank Rewards Program

- (**) Terms and conditions for Grab promotion program

- (***) Terms and conditions for refund annual fee program


Card Features

Touchless payment


Tap the contactless card to pay quickly and conveniently

3D Secure technology


Apply the world's leading security technology to verify online transactions

Easy card management on Techcombank Mobile


Pro-actively lock/unlock cards, manage credit limits and other online convenient features

24/7 support


Techcombankk always accompanies and ready to meet the needs of customers anytime, anywhere

Earn points on every transaction


- Get 80 points for every 1,000 VND spent on international online consumer transactions
- Get 30 points for every 1,000 VND spent on domestic online consumer transactions.
- Get 10 points for every 1,000 VND spent on restaurant transactions
- Get 1 point for every 1,000 VND spent on other transactions
*Maximum reward points per month: 500,000



Priority customer

Techcombank Inspirecustomer

Regular customer

ISSUANCE FEE (based on new credit agreement)*




ANNUAL FEE (annually, based on the validity period of card)



599,000 VND/card

FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE (applicable for all transactions not conducted in vnd)

2.95% of transaction amount

2.95% of transaction amount

2.95% of transaction amount

SWITCHING COST FOR INSTALMENT TRANSACTIONS VIA CREDIT CARD(collected from cardholders who registered to switch from normal payment transaction into instalment transaction)

0.6%/ month * transaction value * instalment period (Instalment period from 1 month to maximum of 12 months)
*Instalment transaction value as regulated by Techcombank periodically

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Techcombank credit card Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes does Techcombank Visa credit card have and what is the credit limit of each class?

Techcombank Visa includes 5 classes: 
- Techcombank Visa Classic: credit limit from 10 million VND to less than 50 million VND
- Techcombank Visa Gold: credit limit of 50 million VND or more
- Techcombank Visa Platinum: credit limit from 90 million VND or more
- Techcombank Visa Signature: credit limit from 120 million VND or more
- Techcombank Visa Infinite: limited release for high-end customers of Techcombank

At which ATMs can I use Techcombank Visa cards?

You can use Techcombank Visa cards at all ATM systems in affiliate network with Visa. Please be aware that withdrawing your cash via Visa cards will be charged according to the fees of each bank in affiliate network

How can I increase the credit limit of online payment via credit cards ?

You can totally change the credit limit of online payment via Techcombank Mobile:

  • Step 1: Login Techcombank Mobile app
  • Step 2: Select "Card and Account", choose a card you want to change the credit limit
  • Step 3: Select Card Management - Transaction limit
  • Step 4: Select transaction limits you want

Caution: To adjust transaction limits over 600 million VND/day, please visit nearest Techcombank branches for assistance

What I need to do to open a Techcombank credit card?

In case that you are an existing customer of Techcombank, you can open a Techcombank credit card with pre-approved limit 100% online via Techcombank Mobile.

Or visit the nearest Techcombank branch for more support.

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