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Some basic knowledge on iBond

Bonds with collaterals

Enterprises issue corporate bonds to raise capital for their business purposes. Owners of corporate bonds are entitled to receive interest at the interest rate stated on the bond and to be refunded the principal according to the bond's par value. Corporate bonds are a type of security and are transferable.


Is an enterprise that issues bonds and is responsible for paying principal and interest of bonds

Maturity date

Is the last date of the bond, on the maturity date, the investor will receive the the bond's par value and receive the final coupon term

Interest payment term

Bonds usually pay interest periodically (every 3, 6 or 12 months),but some pay interest once on the issue date (discount bond) or the maturity date


A coupon is the amount of periodic interest at the interest rate stated on the bond the issuer pays to the bondholder

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