Car insurance

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Benefit overview


Insurance coverage description Coverage

Protection value

Death coverage: protection against the risk of death and accidental death.

Up to 200% sum insured

Accidental injury benefit: Coverage for the risks of an accident resulting in injury, organ damage, broken bones, or severe burns.

Up to 100% sum insured


Physical Damage Coverage: covers physical loss or damage to the vehicle caused by natural disasters or unexpected and unforeseen accidents beyond the owner's or driver's control in the event of a total loss, partial loss, or total theft.

Up to 100% sum insured

Benefits of insurance policy maintenance

Civil liability insurance for third parties: insurance for liability and legal costs incurred for loss or injury to third-party persons and property following the law.


Accident insurance for drivers, assistants, and passengers: insurance against unexpected traffic accidents for drivers, assistants, and passengers; payment of medical expenses; compensation for permanent disability or death, depending on the liability limit.


Civil liability insurance for the vehicle for goods transported on the motor vehicle: insurance for the motor vehicle owner's civil liability for the damage or loss of goods transported on the vehicle under the carriage contract between the vehicle owner and shippers.


Basic insurance benefits

Crash, overturning, fire, and explosion Damage caused by natural disasters The entire car was stolen and robbed. Objects from the outside collide with the vehicle.


Advanced insurance benefits

New replacement insurance.
Car insurance for theft, and stolen parts.
Insurance for choosing a repair facility Insurance for engine damage when the vehicle is operating in a flooded area.
Insurance for car loss due to acts of vandalism, violence.
Insurance for specialized equipment.
Accident rescue.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of car insurance are there?

There are 03 types of auto insurance for you to choose from (independently or concurrently):
- Car insurance
- Accident insurance for drivers and occupants
- Compulsory insurance of civil liability of car owners with third parties

Will I be subject to any deductibles?


Will I get a discount if I have had no claims in my previous year of Car insurance?


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