VN30 Techcom Equity Fund (TCEF) distributed by Techcom Securities

Attractive investment, comfortable life


TCEF helps investors own shares of the best enterprises among the top 30 enterprises listed in Vietnam (VN30)

Why should you invest in TCEF stocks investment fund?

Efficient profitability

Target profit 12%/year (*)

No much investment experience needed

Top financial experts will pick the best stocks for you

Flexible liquidity

Daily withdrawals are guaranteed. Convenient online transactions on digital platforms.


Diversified portfolio with listed bonds of leading companies. 

(*) Based on the estimated yield rate of the bond and current promotion. This yield rate may be changed and not be indicated of future performance. 

Steps to invest in iFund

Specific information on TCEF Fund

Investment Strategy

With the goal of effective long-term profitability, TCEF does not invest in "hot-stock" with short-term speculation, we invest in stocks of the top 30 leading enterprises on the Vietnam stock exchange:

- Have good management capacity
- High long-term growth potential
- Leading market share
- Stable and strong finance ability
- Diversified and sustainable shareholder structure
Strictly adhere to the investment principles:
- List of no less than 15 stocks
- Do not invest more than 20% in 1 stock
- Total value of large investments does not exceed 40%

VN30 NAV Report

Investment portfolio and proportion

The detailed investment portfolio and proportions of the Fund are published in the Report "[TCBS] TCBF, FlexiCA$H and TCEF" sent weekly via email to customers who own securities accounts at Techcom Securities.

Transaction fee of the Fund

The lowest transaction fee in the market

Board of Representatives

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Minh, CFA
- Chairman of the Board of Directors of Techcom Securities (TCBS)
- Director & Co-Founder of Vietnam Asset Management (VAM)
- Senior Vice President of Franklin Templeton Investments
- 20 years of experience in the field of investment and fund management
Mr. Dang The Duc
- CEO of Indochine Counsel Law Firm;
- More than 18 years of experience in business law in Vietnam
- Experienced in consulting for some big foreign and local investment funds
Ms. Nguyen Thi Vinh Ha, CFA, CPA, FCCA
- Vice General Director of Grant Thornton Co., Ltd
- 18 years of experience in the field of accounting and auditing
- Got ACCA Certificate of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and CFA Certificate since 2012

Documents of the Fund

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Some basic knowledge/ Questions about TCEF

Some basic knowledge/ Questions about TCEF

What fees and taxes must be paid by customers selling fund certificates?

Fund fee for repurchase of fund certificates and personal income tax

When is the latest time for customers who sell fund certificates to receive money (trading date referred to as T day)?


What is the minimum amount when customers buy fund certificates?

10,000 VND

Are open-end fund certificates listed on the stock market?

Unlike public closed fund certificates, open-end fund certificates are not listed. When there is a need for transactions, customers can transact at the fund's designated distribution agents.

How long is the term of the Certificate?

Fund Certificates do not determine maturity

What fees and taxes do Fund Certificates Investors have to pay?

Fund Certificate Issuance Fee (Fee to buy Certificate) and Money Transfer Fee (if any)

Can a Client sell a portion of Fund Certificates?

Yes, at least 10 (ten) Fund Units

What is NAV?

It means the net asset value of the Fund, determined by the total market value of assets and investments owned by the Fund minus the Fund's liabilities as of the most recent day before the Valuation Date

What is the Fund Certificate Trading Date?

The date a customer can buy, sell, convert the Fund or transfer Fund Units. Currently, trading date is all working days of the week (excluding Saturday)

How many Fund Certificates does a customer own to attend the general meeting of investors?

Just be an Investor who owns Fund Certificates

What is the minimum order to sell Fund Certificates?

10 (ten) Fund Units, except where the Sell Order requires reducing the number of Fund Units held to 0 (zero)

Which bank supervises TCBF, TCEF?

Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam Limited

What is the minimum balance of Fund Certificates a customer must keep in his/her investment account?

No minimum balance is required

Expected date to receive money when selling TCEF Fund Certificates (trading date referred to as T-day)?

T+3 (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays)

What is a bond investment fund?

As an open-ended fund that invests in bonds and valuable papers with the investment proportion in these assets accounting for a maximum of eighty percent (80%) of the net asset value

What is the order book closing time?

It is the last time the distributor receives orders to buy and sell Fund Certificates from customers

When do customers need to successfully transfer money to buy Fund Certificates to the Fund account?

Before closing the order number

Expected date to receive money when selling TCBF Fund Certificates (trading date referred to as T-day)?


When is the time to close the order book if the trading day is called T day?

14h45 on T-1

How is the FlexiCA$H Fund different from TCBF and TCEF funds?

FlexiCA$H Fund's investment strategy and portfolio differ from TCBF and TCEF. FlexiCA$H Fund invests mainly in government bonds, bank bonds, and certificates of deposit with high liquidity and flexibility. Therefore, FlexiCA$H Fund's customers are short-term investors under 03 months with an expected return rate of 6%/year.

What is FlexiCA$H Fund?

FlexiCA$H Fund is an abbreviation of Techcom Flexible Bond Investment Fund, an open-ended fund managed by Techcom Fund Management Company

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