Transferable loans with real estates at associated
projects without a Certificate

Loan solution with many outstanding advantages to help customers
optimize assets and increase investment opportunities

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Why should you choose a project loan from Techcombank's partners?

Outstanding policy

  • Continue to enjoy 0% interest rate if the project is still supported by the investor

  • Original grace period up to 24 months

  • Tailor-made solutions for each customer group

Superior experience

  • Loan to receive transfer right from the time the real estate is being formed

  • Fast property valuation support. Get instant conditional approvals

  • The Investor commits to support procedures for all Techcombank borrowers and does not limit the number of transfers

Competitive interest rate

  • Fixed interest rate from only 10.5%/year

  • Early repayment fee is only from 0.5%/year. Free from 6th year onwards

  • Deduct loan interest up to 1.2% in the floating period for each customer group

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JULY 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

What specific interest rate options will I have?

1. In case the customer borrows during the period when the Seller still has the interest rate support policy from the Investor:
enjoy a fixed interest rate for 18/24/36/48 months: depending on the remaining time of the interest rate support policy, the customer will be able to choose the corresponding fixed interest periods.
In addition, if the customer has a higher loan balance than the seller's balance, the additional balance will enjoy a fixed interest rate of 6/12/18/24/36 months and the corresponding principal repayment grace period. Moreover, customers will receive a grace period for the first 6 months of the loan for transferring high-rise apartments

2. In case the customer borrows without interest rate support policy:
Customers will enjoy a fixed interest rate of 6/12/18/24/36 months and the corresponding principal repayment grace period. After the fixed interest rate expires, a floating interest rate will be applied as prescribed.

What is the specific basis for determining the market price of real estate?

Through ae reputable valuation company that Techcombank associates, customers will have 2 options to determine the market price of real estate
Option 1: Use directly according to the price that the buyer and the seller sign the actual transaction and refer to the price of the valuation company. Customers will not have to pay a valuation fee and still ensure the actual value closest to the market
Option 2: Valuate the real estate specifically according to customers’ needs and customers pay the fee themselves with the valuation company

How long does it take to complete the transfer procedure for the buyer?

07-15 days from the date the seller completes the documents.

What types of houses are supported by Techcombank for transferable loans?

Real estate is housing projects affiliated with Techcombank
Real estate are not housing projects affiliated with Techcombank: Ground-floor shophouse, low-rise used for commercial services, commercial area, Shoptel, Officetel...
Resorts of Vingroup investor

Do customers with transferable loans continue to be supported with interest rates?

Yes. Techcombank has negotiated with the co-operating investors on the policy of continuing to support interest rates for the transferee.

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