Maximum daily interest earning in current account

Auto-Earning feature awakens the funds in your account
with superior yields, no spending limit

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3 amazing benefits

Earn profits daily with outstanding yield

Earn profit every day! Even 1 million can earn!

No spending limit

Flexible use all your funds to make payment, transfer and withdraw

Absolute safety

Money in the account will always be guaranteed in accordance with the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam

How to activate Auto-Earning mode

Have a current account in Techcombank Mobile
Use the latest version of Techcombank Mobile

How it works
Explore the mechanism of daily interest-earning money

Profits simulation

Nga Nguyen

30 years old - Coffee shop owner


  • Daily revenue is transferred to Nga's current account.
  • Nga maintains a balance of 60 million VND in the current account to cover employee salaries and supplier payments…


  • Nga activated the Auto-Earning mode on Techcombank Mobile.
  • The funds in the current account are optimized with outstanding yield.
  • Whenever Nga needs money for purchasing goods or paying salaries, both the principal and returns can be utilized.



With the current yield, Nga could earn the profit amount after 3 months will be:


450,000 VND

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Instructions to activate feature for existing Techcombank Mobile customers

What is Auto-Earning feature?

Auto-Earning is a feature that optimizes unused funds in the account. Idle funds are automatically transferred to an interest-earning balance to earn higher yield while ensuring seamless payment capabilities for personal and business needs

What is current account balance (standard threshold) and how much is the minimum?

The current account balance is the minimum balance required in the account to begin transferring funds to the Auto-Earning balance, with any excess amount being transferred accordingly. The minimum threshold is 10,000,000 VND for non-identified members and Inspire members, and 100,000,000 VND for Priority and Private members. Depending on your usage needs, you can set a higher standard threshold as desired.

How can I change the current acccount balance?

Customers can go to the Account & Card section, select the Linked Current Account, then click on the Auto-Earning Balance tab. From there, click on the Settings button at the top right corner of the screen, and then select Threshold.

What is the Auto-Earning balance and what is the maximum limit?

The Auto-Earning balance is the excess balance above the standard threshold that is transferred daily to generate earnings. Customers can view the total amount being transferred for earnings within the "Accounts" section. The current maximum limit for earnings transfer is 300,000,000 VND for non-identified customers, Inspire members, and 1,000,000,000 VND for Priority and Private members.

How will my idle funds be optimized?

When you activate the Auto-Earning feature, your idle funds will be transferred to the Auto-Earning Balance to receive optimal daily interest through Bao Loc Deposit Certificates (CD). Similar to other savings products, CD is a secure form of deposit that carries no risk of capital loss. CD Bao Loc is a certificate issued by Techcombank in accordance with the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam and is insured under the Deposit Insurance Law

With an account registered for the Auto-Earning feature, can I spend or withdraw from both the total balance of the current account and the Auto-Earning balance?

Customers will not be limited in spending or withdrawing, as the entire amount is always available for use when needed. When conducting transactions, the system will calculate based on the total balance of the current account and the Auto-Earning balance. If the transaction amount exceeds the balance of the payment account, the system will automatically utilize funds from the Auto-Earning balance to make up for the shortfall.

When will the funds in the current account be transferred to the Auto-Earning balance during the day?

The funds in the payment account, when exceeding the standard balance threshold, will be transferred to the Auto-Earning balance four times a day at 10:00 AM, 02:00 PM, 03:30 PM  and 7:00 PM. The transferred amount will be a multiple of 1,000,000 VND.

Note: The transfer time to maintain the current balance is from 7:00 PM daily.

How can I disable the Auto-Earning feature?

 To disable the Automatic Earnings feature, please follow these two steps:

1. Update Techcombank Mobile to the latest version.

2. Go to the “Accounts & Cards” section > Select the linked current account for Auto-Earning > Choose “Auto-Earning Balance” > Tap on the settings button in the top right corner of the screen > Select “Turn off Auto-Earning mode”.

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What our customers say about Auto-Earning

"This feature has helped me, as a small business owner, seize every opportunity to earn extra income."

Ms. Phuong Linh, 33 years old

"My everyday living expenses can even earn profits daily, and I can still transfer funds instantly whenever I need to spend them."

Ms. Thanh Hoa, 25 years old

"I use this feature because I find it secure and I know my current balance growing every day."

Mr. Thanh Son, 42 years old