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Channels of overseas remittance

Inward to account or receiving cash using Western Union service

Techcombank is an official agent of Western Union with nationwide network across Vietnam, allows customers to receive overseas inward in USD or VND in an always fast and convenient manner.

Inward to account using SWIFT message

  • Receiving inward from overseas in various foreign currencies according to the currency of customer’s account opened at Techcombank.
  • Full name: Vietnam Technology and Commercial Joint Stock Bank
  • Swift code Techcombank: VTCBVNVX

Overseas outward remittance to account using SWIFT message

Remit to recipient’s account in overseas from customer’s account at Techcombank in various foreign currencies. 

Conditions and Steps for registration

Frequent Asked Questions

I have an account at Techcombank. Can I transfer money from foreign countries to that account?

You can transfer from overseas to your foreign currency account or VND account at the bank.

I have a personal account in VND at Techcombank and my family member wants to transfer EUR to my account. Can I withdraw such foreign currency?

To receive EURO transferred by your family member from abroad, you must have EURO account opened at Techcombank. It is very easy to open a EURO currency account: visit the Techcombank's branch where your VND account is opened, fill in the application for opening foreign currency account and deposit a minimum balance of 20 EURO in cash (you should prepare this 20 EURO note in advance, because the bank are not allowed to sell foreign currencies to individuals according to its regulation). Then, you provide your EURO account number, Techcombank’s SWIFT (VTCB VN VX) and the address of the Techcombank branch where you are making the transaction for your family member.

Regarding receiving cash, there are 2 possibilities:

  • If you want to receive cash in EURO, a charge of foreign currency cash withdrawal will be applied. 
  • If you receive cash in VND, you will not be charged any fees.

How can we transfer money (EURO) to our family members abroad and what is the maximum amount?

To remit to your family members' EUR account in overseas, you can use your available fund on EUR account or buying EUR from Techcombank. It is very simple to come to the nearest branch, fill up a remittance request with beneficiary's account and provide related documents.

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