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Priority Requirement Component

Criteria for becoming a Priority Member

Meet one of these requirements to become Techcombank Priority customer:

Minimum total asset value of VND 1 billion

Maintain average asset balance for the last 3 consecutive months from VND 1 billion (including current accounts, savings, bond investments and fund certificates)

Total value of financial relationship (*) from VND 2 billion

Having a total value of financial relationship with Techcombank of VND 2 billion or more and meeting the conditions for maintaining average balance in current account rule.

Other criteria: According to Techcombank's regulations from time to time.

(*) The total value of financial relations is calculated by the total balance of assets, including the total balance of time deposits, idle money in the checking account, value of Bao Loc certificates of deposit, bonds, fund certificates and total credit outstanding in real estate and auto

Foreign exchange transactions

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