MyCash Overdraft Account

Instant cash advance, flexible money spending


A brand-new product with many outstanding features

Competitive interest rate, only from 329 VND/ million/day

Pre-approval limit, instant cash advance

Free electronic card, easy online payment

Monthly optional interest payment, suitable for financial 

Free registration and free annual fee for lifetime




Customers who need to advance money to make daily payment Customers who need to make a payment Customers who need an one-time loan with a large amount Customers who need many small loans

Disbursement Channel

MyCash account Credit card account Loan account, cash Overdraft account

Number Of Disbursements

Unlimited Unlimited Once Unlimited

Usage Method

Money transfer, online payment via Visa debit MyCash, or scan QR code at counters Online payment, offline payment, cash Cash, money transfer Money transfer

Repayment Amount

Flexible Flexible Fixed on borrowed amount Flexible

Repayment Plan

Pay interest and principal monthly Pay interest and principal monthly Pay interest and principal monthly Pay interest monthly, pay principal at maturity

Repayment Schedule

Optional Fixed Fixed Fixed

Convert To Installment

Yes Yes No No

Interest-Free Period

No Yes No No

Guides for registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyCash Overdraft Account?

MyCash Overdraft Account is an overdraft product without collaterals provided by Techcombank in the form of granting overdraft limits to Customers under the Overdraft Agreement. When successfully registering for MyCash Overdraft Account, customers will be granted an additional Visa Debit MyCash virtual card to make online and offline payments at transaction places where accept Visa payment and Techcombank Mobile

Who is suitable to open a MyCash Overdraft Account?

MyCash Overdraft Account is suitable for customers who need cash advances for various small payments such as online spending, hotel and flight booking, transfer for online shopping and other personal needs.

Who is MyCash Overdraft Account issued to?

Currently, MyCash Overdraft Account is only issued to Techcombank’s existing customers. 

Can I advance MyCash Overdraft Account multiple times?

MyCash Overdraft Account is issued to customers in the same way as a credit card. Customers can advance money many times for many different purposes up to the granted limit

How can I use my Techcombank Visa MyCash?

Please perform the following steps

  • Login Techcombank Mobile app
  • Select “Account and Card” 
  • Select “MyCash Overdraft Account”
  • Select “View card information”
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