Home loan for individual customers

Don't miss out on the chance to buy a house
and start a family as well as create long-term stability
with a low-interest rate plan for the future.

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Why should you choose a home loan with a Certificate from Techcombank?

Competitive interest rates

  • Fixed interest rate from only 10.5%/year

  • The early repayment fee is only 0.5%-1%/year. Free from 6th year onwards

  • Deduct loan interest up to 1.2%/year during the floating period for each customer category

Flexible policy

  • Techcombank can finance customers' deposit transactions

  • Diversification and flexibility of disbursement methods

  • Long loan term, competitive in the market, up to 35 years without customer age limit

Calculate on how much you have to pay monthly

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Loan amount

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Disbursement date

JULY 2024
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Conditions and registration steps

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms and conditions for loan applicants?

- Be a Vietnamese citizen
- Being 18 years of age or older at the time of loan application or meeting the legal requirements for civil legal capacity and civil act capacity at a different age.
- Having a reliable monthly income that matches your ability to pay

What purpose can I use this home loan for?

Borrow to purchase a residential property for the customer, the customer's spouse, or the customer's relatives (parent, brother, or sister of the customer or the customer's spouse) under the agreement for the implementation of procedures; transferring the real estate name or acquiring real estate under a notarized sale and purchase agreement.

What charges and fees do borrowers have to pay?

- Compulsory fire and explosion insurance
- Valuation fee
- Fee for notarizing a mortgage contract
- Fee for registration of a secured transaction.

Which customer income sources are accepted?

- Based on salary and salary-related expenses
- Real estate leasing (movable and real estate)
- From household/enterprise
- From utilizing one's assets: automobile, real estate, passbook, TCBond

Debt payment method

- Annuity: A repayment plan in which the customer pays the same amount each month (including principal and interest).
- Amortized loan is a debt repayment plan in which the principal must be paid monthly, and interest is calculated based on the remaining principal balance.

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