Guide for using Techcombank Mobile app

With Techcombank Mobile, money transfer, payment, and a variety of financial utilities are now easier than ever.

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What conditions for using Techcombank Mobile application?


Customers need to open a payment account at Techcombank, have an Internet-connected device which runs at iOS 14.0 or higher, or Android 7.0 or higher to be able to install and use Techcombank Mobile.

New customers who have not used Techcombank's products and services can register to open an account and register to use online digital banking service right on the app without going to the bank.

How can I transfer money 24/7 on Techcombank Mobile?


With Techcombank Mobile, we have simplified customers’ experience, whereby all transactions are defaulted as 24/7 express transfer, to ensure fastest and free transactions 
In some cases where the beneficiary bank does not support 24/7 express transfer or the transaction amount does not meet the transaction limit from 50,000 VND to 500 million VND, your transaction will be automatically changed to a regular interbank transfer (the beneficiary will receive money within the day, or the next working day at the latest)

What is the difference between QR code transfer and regular transfer?


With regular transfer, customers need to provide a lot of information such as account number and beneficiary's name. If customers make the normal transfer not a 24/7 express transfer, the information about the beneficiary bank and its branch is necessary. For QR code transfer, only 1 QR code is needed to make a transaction without having to manually enter information on the beneficiary's account, minimizing errors in the transaction process.


You can see guides for transferring money by QR code at the video: