Techcombank Private Visa Infinite

Value beyond generations

Who can register
A limited world class credit card, exclusively for one of the few high-class members in Vietnam with worthy premium privileges.

Global concierge privileges

Premium airport pick-up and drop-off privileges

Airport pick-up and drop-off, assistance with check-in, fast immigration at more than 400 global airports for primary cardholders and 1 relative. Total 8 service visits, up to 4 uses outside Asia within 1 year. 

Business class airport lounge privileges

Primary cardholders and 1 family member have access to more than 1100 business class airport lounges at more than 400 airports worldwide.

Upgrade privileges for business class 

Free upgrade flight tickets from Economy class to Business class at the worldwide airline system upon cardholder reaches spending conditions from VND 2 billion.

Cross-border spending privileges

High and flexible credit limits


Flexible adjustment to cardholder's spending needs from VND 1 billion and up to VND 10 billion.

Maximum interest-free period


Up to 55 days, with the option to pay either the minimum balance or the entire statement during this period.

Preferential foreign currency


FX processing fee at 1.1% per transaction.

Global travel insurance


Benefits up to VND 23 billion for cardholders and family members.

Book Global concierge privileges


Techcombank Private Visa Infinite - A limited world class credit card, issued exclusively for a few high-class members in Vietnam with premium privileges. Card owners will experience a variety of exclusive privileges, such as upgrade to business-class, access to premium lounges, fast-track support, and see-offs at airports around the world.

Necessary information

Necessary information

Which customers are allowed to issue Techcombank Private Visa Infinite credit cards?

Exclusively for Techcombank Private members who meet the pre-approval conditions of Techcombank from time to time.

What is the credit limit of Techcombank Private Visa Infinite credit cardholders?

Credit limit of Techcombank Private Visa Infinite Card is high and can be adjusted flexibly according to spending needs. Each customer will have an approval limit from VND 1 billion to VND 10 billion.

What are the fees associated with Techcombank Private Visa Infinite cardholders?

  • Annual fee for the primary card: 25,000,000 VND (refund of first year annual fee for new cardholders when the primary card holder activates)
  • Annual fee for supplementary card: 5,000,000 VND
  • Reissuance fee for primary and supplementary card: 12,000,000 VND/card
  • Free for card issuance and replacement of expired cards
  • Foreign currency conversion fee: 1.1% * transaction amount
  • Late payment fee: 6% * overdue amount
  • Other fees as specified by Techcombank during different periods
  • Detailed credit card service fee

As a Techcombank Private Visa Infinite credit cardholder, what privileges do customers have through the global premium concierge service hotline?

The primary cardholder of Techcombank Visa Infinite credit card can enjoy exclusive privileges such as fast-track immigration and custom assistance at the airport, access to global airport lounges, and the option to upgrade to Business Class for flight tickets. In addition, Private members can enjoy other privileged services such as global concierge privileges including travel, golf, dining, arts and culture, international shopping, business travel, medical assistance, birthday privileges and global offers.

As a Techcombank Private Visa Infinite credit cardholder, how can customers access exclusive privileges?

Customers can contact the global premium concierge service hotline 24/7 by dialing 028-38240522 or email: Alternatively, customers can reach out to the Private Relationship Manager of Techcombank for assistance.

How far in advance should customers book exclusive privileges before using the service?

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off service: Minimum 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure/arrival/transit time.
  • Airport lounge access service: Minimum 1 hour prior to the desired entry time to the lounge.
  • Flight upgrade service: Minimum 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

Infinite cardholder insurance benefits.

Global travel insurance with coverage benefits of up to 23 billion VND for the cardholder and their family member (Please see the details for more information).

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