Techcombank Private Debit Card

Timeless value - Worthy of stature

Who can register

This limited international debit card is issued exclusively for Techcombank Private members with world-class privileges.

Pride of privilege

Lifestyle privileges

  • Shopping: Up to 10% discount on more than 20 Tam Son brands
  • Healthcare: Special care benefits, free examination when making an appointment, priority to book examination and VIP waiting room at Vinmec
  • Golf: Unlimited 50% discount when using golf services at 65 high-end golf courses throughout Vietnam

International payment privileges

  • Foreign currency transaction conversion fee is only 1.1% per transaction
  • Global travel insurance coverage up to 23 billion VND
  • 2% cashback for cross-border spending and high-end fashion brands
  • Rebate cash withdrawal fee for the first 5 transactions per month worldwide

Account management package privileges

  • Lifetime membership fee waiver for primary cardholder and 3 supplementary cardholders for family members
  • Lifetime account management waiver
  • Receive a free lucky account number from 6 to 9 digits for your preference
  • Digital transfer limit is up to 30 billion VND per day

Worthy experience

Contactless payment


Contactless payment technology, just tap the card on the POS machines to make transaction

3D Secure security technology


Transact and pay online with assurance with 3D Secured Verified by Visa service

Manage cards easily on Techcombank Mobile


Conveniently manage and track all card transactions through Electronic Banking (E-banking) service completely free of charge

Support 24/7


Get help anytime, anywhere with Techcombank Customer Service 24/7 exclusively for Private members. Hotline: 1800 588 823 (Vietnam) (free) or (+84) 24 39449626 (Overseas)

Earn points on every transaction


Get 1 point for every 1,000 VND spent with Techcombank debit cards (minimum 100,000 VND)

Useful additional information

Useful additional information

Conditions for issuing Techcombank Private Debit Cards?

Techcombank only issues Techcombank Private Debit Cards exclusively for Techcombank Private members.

What benefits do I get when spending with Techcombank Private Debit Card?

Customers will enjoy shopping privileges, resorts, golf courses and health care services at luxury brands globally. These privileges are exclusively for Techcombank Private Debit Card holders.

When paying with my card in USD, what fees do I have to pay?

When making transactions via Techcombank Private Debit Card in USD or other foreign currencies, the transaction will be charged a fee of 1.1%/transaction amount.
Fees and fees are regulated by Techcombank from time to time.

What is CVV2?

CVV stands for Card Verification Value. CVV2 is a code to authenticate the cardholder when making card payment transactions on the Internet.

How many supplementary cards can I issue? Does the supplementary card enjoy the same privileges as the primary card?

Customers can request Techcombank to issue up to 3 supplementary cards for relatives who have been identified as Private Family members. Additional cardholders also enjoy the same privileges as the primary cardholder.

How is the card annual fee calculated?

The annual fee is calculated annually. Customers who are Private members are exempt from the annual fee for the Techcombank Private Debit Card.

Fee schedule for Techcombank Private Debit Card holders?

  • For cards: Free lifetime annual fee for primary cardholder and 3 supplementary cards for family members, rebate cash withdrawal fee for the first 5 transactions per month worldwide, foreign currency conversion fee is only 1.1%.
  • For accounts: Free lifetime account management, free lucky account number from 6 to 9 digits for your preference.
  • See fee schedule details
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