Customers can now withdraw cash from their credit cards and get a 100% refund on withdrawal fees, simply by successfully registering for installment payments for the withdrawn amount through Techcombank's hotline.


diamonicon-5bddf9dcae.svg Cardholders will enjoy this benefit if they meet the following conditions

  • Receive a notification via the Techcombank Mobile app or email about the promotional program for fee refunds on credit card cash withdrawals.
  • Withdraw a minimum total amount of 7 million VND and a maximum of 50% of the credit card limit within the valid period as notified via SMS or email.
  • Perform the cash withdrawal transactions at Techcombank ATMs/CDMs.
  • Eligible customers will be contacted by the Financial Solutions Consulting department (VAC) via phone to assist with the installment registration.

(*) Notes:
- Flexible multiple withdrawals per day, with a minimum of 1 million VND per transaction.
- The installment conversion fee applies starting from only 0.9% per month. See the detailed credit card fee schedule.
- Classic credit cardholders can withdraw a maximum of 20 million VND as per regulations. 

diamonicon-5bddf9dcae.svg Applicable cards

All Techcombank credit cards (except JCB DreamCard and Visa Vinshop advance cards).


- Please refer to the detailed terms and conditions for installment payments and frequently asked questions.

diamonicon-5bddf9dcae.svg Installments - Smart Spending Solution

  • Spread out the payment: Installment terms from 3 to 12 months.
  • Control spending: Proactively register for installments to ensure the monthly budget does not exceed your payment capacity.
  • Competitive installment conversion fees in the market: Starting from only 0.9% per month.

For further assistance, please contact: