Experience contactless payment and receive 10% cashback when you shop as much as you want at Winmart, Winmart+ stores nationwide from 30/09/2022 to 31/12/2022. Discover now.  
Offer details 

  • Customers who make payment transactions using Visa debit or credit cards with contactless payment feature (Contactless), with a minimum transaction value of VND 100,000 at Winmart, Winmart+ systems nationwide will receive a refund. 10% (up to 10,000 VND) to the card account.
  • Total quantity: 140,000 offers




Offer Value (VND)

Number of Offers

Apply for Techcombank Visa debit & credit cards:  
With a minimum payment transaction value of 100,000 VND/transaction at valid applicable locations
Hoàn tiền 10.000 140.000

(Total offer value: 1,400,000,000 VND)  
  Program implementation time


Transaction time of Techcombank debit and credit cards Transaction time of Techcombank debit and credit cards
Promotion review time Includes 3 phases of promotion:  
Round 1: 30/09/2022– 31/10/2022  
Round 2: 01/11/2022 –30/11/2022  
Round 3: 01/12/2022- 31/12/2022
Promotion payment time 45 days after the end of the final promotion review


  • Location and scope of application: The nationwide WinMart/WinMart+ supermarket system has equipped contactless payment support devices.
  • Each customer can enjoy the promotion up to 6 times, equivalent to 60,000 VND during the program.
  • Not applicable in conjunction with the program “1% cashback offer for Techcombank debit card holders”.

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