From January 1, 2022, Techcombank adjusted the 1% Cash Back Program policy applicable to payment cards (debit cards).

Adjustment information:

Conditions for applying a 1% Refund Old policy New policy from 1/01/2022 Applicable Customer Objects

The total value of valid transactions in each promotion is at leas

1.500.000 VND

5.000.000 VND

Customer is not a Priority Bank Service Member

With transactions made through the payment platform Facebook, Google or other payment pages from foreign providers with no address in Vietnam.      
The total value of eligible transactions refunded during each promotion is up to

Not regulated 10.000.000 VND All Clients


Valid from: 

The program applies to the following card types:

All tiers of payment cards;

Co-branded payment cards of Vietnam Airlines and Vietnam Airlines Visa, all classes;

Domestic payment card Techcombank F@stAccess NAPAS;

* For more information, please see all FAQs.      

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