You need to transfer money to your child studying abroad or plan to settle abroad; ... But exchange rates that fluctuate too much affecting future cash flows make you feel apprehensive. Techcombank always accompanies you to be ready, proactive and flexible against market fluctuations with the promotion “Future’s Foreign Currency Transactions  – Today's Exchange Rate” 

Techcombank introduces attractive offers exclusively for customers who intend to trade foreign currencies regularly through Foreign Currency Forward Trading Contracts. Customers can buy or sell foreign currencies at a future date (from 3 days to less than 365 days) and the applicable exchange rate is applied on the date of signing the contract.   


Detailed offer:


Period: Every working day


Eligible customers: Private and Priority customers buy or sell foreign currencies on accounts opened at Techcombank


Advantages (*): 

  • Fixed rates for future trading
  • Only need to deposit at least 10% of the contract value, pay the entire contract at the maturity date, better control cash flow
  • Preferential exchange rates and volume-based fees
  • Opportunity to enjoy better exchange rates than spot trading when margin from 50% of contract value (**)
  • Flexible term selection according to payment needs

(*) Not applicable for foreign currency transactions receiving cash   
(**) Contact your Customer Relationship Manager at Techcombank


Conditions for receiving the offer:

  • Deposit with Techcombank accounts: Savings deposit, Time deposit, current account balance with the value from 10% - 50% of the contract value.
  • Customers need to provide foreign currency purchase and sale documents in accordance with Techcombank's regulations   

See Frequently asked questions about “Future’s Foreign Currency Transactions  – Today's Exchange Rate” promotion program


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