Domestic Payment Card Techcombank F@stAccess NAPAS

Enjoy spending and withdrawing money at ATMs nationwide

Who can register?

People who have a minimum income of 6,000,000 VND/month

Card Features

Touchless payment


Pay easily at thousands of card-accepting points (POS/mPOS) nationwide (in person or online).

3D Secure technology


Safe online payment with OTP password form

Easy card management on Techcombank Mobile


Easily track & manage all card transactions via completely free E-banking service.

24/7 support


Get help anytime, anywhere with Techcombank Customer Service 24/7 with hotline: 1800 588 822/ 1800 588 823 for Priority Customers (toll-free) (Vietnam) or (+84-24) 3944 9626 (Overseas)

Earn points on every transaction


Get 1 point for every 1,000 VND spent with Techcombank debit cards (minimum 100,000 VND)



Card Issuance Fee For The First Time (*)

90.000 VND

Card Reissuance Fee (Due To Loss, Loss, Card Breakage, Etc.)(Applies To Not First Issue Or Expired Card Replacement)

100.000 VND

Annual Fee (Annually Collected Based On Validity Period Of The Card) (**)

60.000 VND/Year

PIN Re-Issuance Fee (Free With Electronic PIN)

30.000 VND/request

Cash Withdrawal Fee At TECHCOMBANK ATM (For Card Issued Out Of Account Package)

2.000 VND/Transaction

Cash Withdrawal Fee At TECHCOMBANK ATM (For Cards Issued Under The Unpaid Account Package)

1.000 VND/Transaction

Cash Withdrawal Fee At

TECHCOMBANK ATM (For Cards Issued Under Payroll Account Package)


Cash Withdrawal Fees At Other Banks ATMs

3.000 VND/Transaction

Transaction Processing Fee (***)

10.000 VND/Transaction


(The fee does not include VAT, except for the Management fee for conversion of foreign currency expenditure and transaction processing fee).
* Valid only for cards issued outside the account plan
** Account plan cards get 20% off the annual fee

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the conditions for me to issue an F@stAccess card?

To be issued a F@stAccess payment card, you just need to:

  • Persons aged 15 years and over
  • Have a payment account at Techcombank

At which ATMs can I use my F@stAccess card?

Besides Techcombank's ATMs, you can use your F@stAccess card at ATMs of all banks in the Napas card alliance nationwide.

My F@stAccess card PIN has several numbers. Can I change my password with 5 numbers?

  • F@stAccess card PIN required 6 digits
  • Please note that you do not give your PIN to others, do not save it on paper. Avoid using your ID number or date of birth as a PIN code

Can I use my F@stAccess card to make online payments?

  • Have. You can use your F@stAccess card to pay online at domestic websites (merchant country is Vietnam) or other websites that allow payment via domestic cards.
  • When paying online with F@st Access card, in addition to the PIN required to enter, the transaction is secured by a password verification step that is automatically sent to you to complete the transaction.

301 / 5,000 Translation results Translation result Will my F@stAccess card be automatically activated to the Internet?

  • Your F@stAccess payment card is automatically activated for online payment when issued
  • If you do not need to use this feature, you need to cancel the registration with the Bank as soon as you register for card issuance

Can I use my F@stAccess card to transfer money to another bank account on the ATM?

You can only use your F@stAccess card to transfer money to another beneficiary account in the same system on Techcombank's ATMs.

My payment card has expired but there is still money in my account. So will I lose the remaining money in my account?

The remaining amount in your account as well as your card issuer account will still be maintained. However, you should issue another F@stAccess card to replace the expired card for your convenience

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