Global travel insurance

For payment and credit card holders international
Visa Signature/ Visa Platinum of Techcombank


Outstanding benefits of Global Travel insurance


Free global travel insurance provided by Techcombank for Visa Signature/ Visa Platinum cardholders

Financial security

Financial security with the sum insured up to 10.5 billion VND

General Benefits

Item Description Sum Insured

Insurance coverage

Personal Accident during the trip


  Death 10,500,000,000
  Both hands or both feet or sight of both eyes 10,500,000,000
  One hand and one foot 10,500,000,000
  Either hand or foot and sight of one eye 10,500,000,000
  Speech and hearing 10,500,000,000
  Either hand or foot 5,250,000,000
  Sight of one eye 5,250,000,000
  Speech or hearing 5,250,000,000
  Limit Layer no. 1 applied for each class of Covered Person  
  - CardHolder < 65 years old 100% of the above amounts
  - Cardholder age from 65 years old to 80 years old 50% of the above amounts
  - Spouse of a Cardholder age < 65 years old 100% of the above amounts
  - Spouse of a Cardholder age from 65 years old to 80 years old 50% of the above amounts
  - Each Dependent child of a Cardholder 100% of the above amounts
  Limit Layer no. 2 applied after Layer no. 1 (for Domestic trips) 10% of the above amounts


Cover In the event of Terrorism (excluded chemical terrorism, nuclear weapons, biological)  
  Chubb Global Assistance Service:
  • Pre-trip information
  • Medical service consultation/advice/referral
  • Baggage service/Legal referral service
Customer support (benefit consultation, insurance certificate issuance): +84 (28) 39107227

Covered Persons

Means the legal CardHolders of types of Techcombank Card to be insured, subject to the conditions as below:
  • 100% of the cost of travelling by public transportation has been paid by TCB card, or
  • Use TCB card to pay at least 80% of the package cost before starting the overseas trip The package cost of the trip/ travel means full package price of trip purchased by Covered Persons from a travel agency or otherwise, should have included the full fare of public transportation and accommodation according to the travel trip (from Vietnam and back to Vietnam, and all transportation and accommodation itineraries included in that trip)
  • For the case the cardholder does not use TCB card to pay for the expenses specified above, but uses TCB card to pay for expenses incurred during the oversea trip with a minimum amount of VND 11,000,000 (Eleven million VND) including but not limited to: accommodation expenses, travel expenses, consumer spending; after the Cardholder fully pays the minimum amount of VND 11,000,000, then travelling on all scheduled public transportation shall be covered


All Cardholders who are aged from 18 to 80 years old and using the valid cards within the period of insurance
The Cardholder's spouse and dependent children are all legal children aged from 01 to: (i) full 18 years old or (ii) up to full 23 years old if they are participating in a long-term course, are not married and have no income.
Note: a long-term course means full-time study

Scope of cover

This policy provides coverage up to the Sum Insured and subject to the Terms and Conditions in respect of:
Benefits applied for TCB Visa Platinum & TCB Visa Signature cards:
- Travel Trip Personal Accident
Extent to cover for domestic trips and linked to purchasing at least two nights pre-booked accommodation on the covered card.
“Domestic Trip” Refers to any trip undertaken by the Insured Person within the territory limit of Vietnam which the destination is beyond 100 kilometers from his/her place of departure and shall commence on the date and at the time of departure of the Trip and ceases on return of the Trip.

Coverage period for each Covered Person

is twelve (12) months from:
- The effective date of Period of Insurance (29/05/2023) for existing TCB card which is in valid.
- The issuance date for new TCB card issued within the Period of Insurance of this policy
Subject to following all conditions of Master Policy


Please refer to Policy Wording here & Generic Certificate of Insurance here  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Travel insurance and why is it necessary for me?

This insurance product is automatically bundled into Visa Platinum & Visa Signature cards as an additional value for Techcombank Cardholders. This travel insurance is designed to peace of mind to individuals or families during business trips abroad, providing financial protection in unexpected situations.

What is the maximum insurance period for a trip?

The coverage period for each trip begins on the date the trip begins and will remain in effect until the trip ends, max 90 days per trip.

Can I use this Cardholder Travel Insurance for Visa application?

This Cardholder Travel Insurance is not designed for Visa application purpose. Please consult with the Embassy for specific insurance requirement.

Who is The Cardholder's dependent children?

Dependent children are all legal children aged from 01 to: (i) full 18 years old or (ii) up to full 23 years old if they are participating in a long-term course (full-time study), are not married and have no income.

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