Household business loan

Meeting the needs of supplementing business capital of customers
including: working capital, business, investment in fixed assets, ...

Why should you get a home loan with us?

Diverse loan purposes

  • Loan for production and business by item.

  • Loan for production and business according to the limit.

  • Overdraft loan for household business owners.

Meet the maximum loan needs

  • Loan limit up to 5 billion.

  • The grant period is up to 7 years.

  • Competitive loan interest rates.

  • The loan process is simple and fast.

Simple procedures

  • No proof of equity is required.

  • The mortgage contract does not have to be notarized (the collateral is a car).

  • Documents proving the purpose of using capital is simple

Start your journey with us today

We know the effort and commitment it takes when considering a loan. This is why our team is on a mission to simplify it, and help you make the best decision for your family.

Offer an insurance package worth up to 1.47% of the purchase loan value real estate

Enjoy life with peace of mind with Techcombank!

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