The aspiration for a well-appointed and comfortable home is always a powerful motivation driving individuals to strive for excellence. Understanding this desire, Techcombank introduces a comprehensive suite of loan, home insurance, and service fee solutions, empowering you to turn your dream into reality.

I. A winning duo of home completion loan solutions and top-up loan solution for previous payments, with a comprehensive home insurance solution

1. The solution to completing your dream home

- Applicable customers: Existing customers with an active loan agreement or who meet Techcombank's lending criteria

- Solution details:

  • Eligibility: Customers can use the property under completion as collateral for the loan for the purpose of renovation, remodeling, and purchasing equipment and furniture.
  • Specific Values:
Minimum loan amount From 150 million VND
Loan amount based on needs Unlimited (maximum of 100% of loan demand)
Loan amount based on collateral An additional 10% of the maximum loan value for properties currently mortgaged for a real estate loan at Techcombank
Loan term Up to 60 months
Additional collateral Real estate with a certificate of ownership or savings passbook
Disbursement Method Techcombank disburses the loan directly to the supplier (including contractors, designers, equipment and furniture suppliers) according to the contract signed with the supplier


  • Customers are not allowed to mortgage the collateral. 
  • The loan document package includes the project plan and VAT invoices. The loan disbursement period is 30 days from the disbursement date.
  • Customers can reuse income statements for up to 24 months of the most recent project purchase loan according to Techcombank's regulations from time to time.

2. Financial top-up loan solution for previous payments

- Applicable customers: Customers with unmortgaged project properties at credit institutions

- Solution details:

  • Option 1: Financial top-up loan for previous payments to meet immediate financial needs
Loan amount based on needs 70% of the amount paid to the developer/seller
Loan amount based on collateral 70% of the appraised value
Loan term 25 years
Collateral Real estate formed from loan capital or with a certificate of ownership, savings passbook, or bonds
Repayment method

Principal grace period of up to 24 months

Declining balance, annuity, or increasing payments


  • Option 2: Optimal bond investment with financial top-up loan for previous payments
Real estate formed from loan capital
Loan term Up to the maturity date of the bond (*)
Repayment method Principal at the end of the term, interest according to the bond coupon schedule


* Notes: Customers do not need to provide income verification documents. Bonds will be frozen during the loan term to demonstrate repayment capacity.


  • Option 3: Simplified 50% loan-to-value financing
Loan amount based on collateral
Up to 50% of the appraised value (*)
Principal grace period Up to 10 years


* Income verification not required (subject to income declaration and existence of one income source), applicable to customers meeting Techcombank's terms and conditions.

3. Bao Viet home insurance solution for peace of mind and enjoying life

- Applicable customers: All existing customers

- Solution details:

Insured subjects
  • Dwelling: Includes condominiums, apartment buildings, single-family houses, villas, and shophouses.
  • Contents: Encompasses all property located within the insured premises; property owned or under the care and control of the insured.
  • Third-Party Liability: Covers liabilities arising from claims of bodily injury or property damage sustained by third parties due to the actions of the insured.


Insured perils
  • Dwelling and Contents: Fire, explosion, storm, flood, theft, vandalism, and more.
  • Third-Party Liability:
    • Bodily injury to third parties (e.g., sign/glass door of a shophouse in operation falls on a passerby, slippery floor causes a customer to fall...)
    • Property damage to third parties (e.g., electrical short circuit causes fire to spread to neighboring house, storm wind blows off roof tiles and damages neighboring house roof...)
    • Legal expenses (e.g., legal fees, court costs)


Insurance premium and coverage amount
Insured Insurance coverage Insurance premium Deductible
Dwelling coverage From 200 million VND to 25 billion VND As low as 0.055%

Fire and explosion: As per Decree 97/NĐ-CP

Other perils: 5 million VND per incident

Contents coverage From 100 million VND to 1 billion VND As low as 180,000 VND 2 million VND per incident
Third-party liability coverage From 1 billion VND to 2 billion VND As low as 1.1 million VND 5 million VND per incident (applies only to third-party property damage)


Exclusive for techcombank customers:

  • Up to 33% discount on premiums for long-term policies
  • Product includes mandatory fire and explosion certificate, meeting legal requirements for shophouses with business types that require mandatory fire and explosion insurance
  • Free extension of additional terms such as rental costs, fire fighting costs, scene cleaning costs, architectural fees...
  • Product provided by Bao Viet - a leading insurance company in the market


II. Exclusive privileges duo for vinhomes residents to experience priority banking services and enjoy service fee discounts

1. Techcombank Priority customer experience privileges with premium service

- Applicable customers: Homeowners of Ocean Park 2 and 3 apartments

- Offering details:

Eligible customers will be upgraded to Techcombank Priority customers and enjoy a range of privileges and premium services:

Transaction and account privileges
  • Free of charge for all transaction fees related to accounts, debit cards, and credit cards
  • Free selection of 6-digit beautiful account numbers, transfer limit up to 20 billion VND
  • Up to 50% discount on food, shopping, and travel bills when paying with Techcombank debit cards (Techcombank Debit)
  • Foreign currency transaction privileges:
    • Free international money transfer when buying foreign currency from 20,000 USD
    • 50% discount on international money transfer fees when buying foreign currency from 10,000 USD
    • Up to 60 points exchange rate discount
  • Up to 50% cashback on restaurant and hotel bills when paying with Techcombank credit cards (Techcombank Priority Signature) along with foreign currency conversion fee from 1.1%
  • Up to 0.1%/year savings interest rate promotion
  • 0.05% discount on bond transaction value (based on the customer's bond transaction value)
Priority customer care service
  • Priority lounge, priority service channel, and a team of dedicated customer care and financial advisory expert
  • Exclusive privileges for family members with the Family Member program.
  • T-point accumulation benefits with the loyalty program.
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2. Vinhomes service fee refund privilege of up to 450,000 VND instantly on Techcombank Mobile

- Applicable customers: Existing Techcombank customers who are Vinhomes homeowners and meet the specific requirements for each offer

- Offering details:

Offering 1 Offering 2
Specific promotion: Up to 300,000 VND voucher for residents opening a new Techcombank account Specific promotion: Up to 150,000 VND cashback on Vinhomes service fee payments via Techcombank Mobile

Terms and Conditions:

  • Applicable to customers opening a Techcombank account for the first time from June 21, 2024
  • Applicable to payment of Vinhomes service fees on Techcombank Mobile through the Bill Payment feature

Terms and Conditions:

  • Applicable to customers who set up automatic payment of Vinhomes housing service fees on Techcombank Mobile through the Bill Payment feature
  • 50,000 VND/month service fee cashback for 3 consecutive months for Vinhomes service fee bills of 500,000 VND or more

For further assistance or more information, please contact:

  • Techcombank branch/transaction office system nationwide
  • 24/7 hotline at 1800588823 (within Vietnam), or (+84) 24 39449626 (outside Vietnam)
  • Email: