An Nhien 360

Accompany and support you financially 
in every step of the way against risk of getting Cancer

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Outstanding benefits of An Nhien 360 insurance

Early protection

Protect against cancer at an early stage.

Enhanced protection

Enhanced protection with extra coverage for high-cost cancer cases.

Simple procedures

Simple procedure, no check-up, attractive price. Free issuance of additional insurance policies for children.

Benefits overview

Item Description Coverage

Death Insurance Benefits

Financial support for family members if the breadwinner unfortunately dies 100% Insurance amount

Cash fund for cancer treatment

Financial support for cancer treatment if unfortunately the breadwinner gets cancer 100% Insurance amount
  Early stage cancer 60% of the Insurance amount (**)
  End-stage cancer 100% of the Insurance amount (*)
  Depreciation support of 5%/year x 10 years 50% of the Insurance amount (*)
  Cancer cases with high treatment costs 50% of the Insurance amount (*)
  Income support of 1.5%/month for 5 years 90% of the Insurance amount (*)
  Rehabilitation surgery 10% of the Insurance amount

Free of charge

The contract is maintained free of charge after cancer diagnosis: the full fee remains to be paid (*) In case of terminal cancer
(**) Up to 600 million VND

Things you should know

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

After my policy is issued, how will I receive the insurance policy?

Customers can receive the insurance policy after the contract is issued in two ways:

  • Customers receive the electronic insurance policy via SMS, email in the form of a link (if the customer has registered email with the company).
  • At the same time, the customer will receive a paper insurance policy that does NOT include the terms and conditions of the product (If the customer chooses to print the insurance policy on the ePOS)

In case the customer needs to print a paper insurance policy with full conditions and terms of the product, the customer can request the MVL BCS and pay 55.000 VND for the invoice printing fee.

Death benefit?


Post-mortem care benefits?


Benefits to maintain the contract?


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