The insurance solution in combination with investment
was co-created by Manulife (Vietnam), ManulifeIM and Techcom Capital

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Why choose Legacy?

Lifetime protection

Up to 200% Protection from Unexpected Risks such as Accidental Injury and Death

Incremental production growth

Invest in the top investment funds with the most options: 9 ManulifeIM-operated investment funds and 3 Techcom Capital-operated investment funds

Flexible withdrawal and fund conversion

Absolutely free to withdraw account value, fund conversion fee and fund allocation rate change fee

Benefits overview

Category Description of insurance benefits Value of protection

Investment rights

Free withdrawal from account value



Investing in effective asset growth in the long term



Flexible to choose, free to switch funds and change the fund allocation rate. The largest number of funds invested in the market with 12 funds

9 ManulifeIM-operated Investment Funds and 3 Techcom Capital-operated Investment Funds

Uphold rights

Gratitude for long-term investment

88% Reimbursement of Key Product Risk Premium at key milestones (year 10, 15, 20)


Gratitude for recurring investment

3% of the average basic account value every 3 years (from year 3 to year 18)

Protection rights

Accidental Injury and Death

Up to 200% of the insured amount


Arrange funeral observances

Prepayment of 10% of the Insurance Amount (up to VND 30 million) as soon as the insurer receives the request to resolve the death management

Real investment rate

  • Source: Manulife Co., Ltd.
  • (*) Fund established in October 2017
  • (**) Fund established in August 2021
  • (***) Annual rate of return
  • (****) The rate of return in the last 5 years is cumulative from 31/12/2016 to 31/12/2021
  • Hung Thinh Fund 2035, 2040, 2045 newly established in 2021
  • Techcom Stock Fund, Techcom Bonds, Techcom Flexible Cash Newly Established 2022
Real investment rate in the last 5 years (2016 - 2020) of Investment linked fund
Investment linked fund 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Real investment rate in the last 5 years (****)
Growth 45.7% -12.2% 6.7% 9.7% 28.5% 92.5%
Development 36.4% -9.2% 6.7% 11.7% 25.1% 84.4%
Progressive 28.2% -4.4% 6.5% 13.5% 18.8% 75.9%
Conservative 5.3% -2.1% 5.4% 5.5% 9.9% 28.1%*
Accumulative 1.2% 1.5% 5.1% 3.8% 2.9% 15.3%*
Conservative -2.1% 1.4% 5.0% 5.2% 4.2% 14.3%*
Hung Thinh 2035 - - - - 8.5% **
Hung Thinh 2040 - - - - 11.3% **
Hung Thinh 2045 - - - - 11.1% **
Techcom stock  
Techcom bond  
Techcom flexible savings  

Insurance benefits illustration

Date of birth



Amount of money to be covered by primary insurance


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What you should know

Download Product information

 We understand that it is important to understand the details of product information before making a decision to participate. Therefore, Techcombank provides product brochures and Rules & Terms that are easy to read, understand and ready to answer your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Legacy's advantages over other insurance products in the market?

Legacy is the insurance product that combines investment with the largest number of funds in the market (12 funds), resulting in an outstanding value convergence from the top 03 names in Vietnam's financial industry: TechTNMT, Manulife and Techcom Capital. The product not only meets the protection needs of customers but also offers extremely diverse investment opportunities with a choice of funds from Manulife Investment Management and Techcom Capital. Join Legacy, customers have the flexibility to choose up to 12 Funds with different types of investment, while being protected and enjoying all the flexibility factors such as additional contribution (up to 10 times the basic fee), withdrawal (free), change of protection plans, investment (conversion of Funds) depending on their needs.

Where can I find information about the investment status of Manulife Funds?

Customers go directly to the website of Manulife Insurance Company to monitor the weekly unit price. Steps to look up: at the website: http://www.manulife.com.vn, select the "Products" section > "Investment Products" > "Fund Unit Price" 
At the end of March each year, Manulife Insurance Company publishes the annual report of the unit-linked fund on the website www.manulife.com.vn, which contains detailed information on the performance of the funds

Why should I invest through LEGACY's investment interests rather than investing separately at TCC on a regular basis?

When customers choose to join Legacy with the combination of two leading financial institutions in Vietnam, this will be a superior solution to help customers meet their entire protection needs (customers flexibly choose the protection level with the same closing fee) and flexible in their investment needs with 12 reputable funds. Also enjoy convenient services such as: investing up to 10 times more basic fees, free fund conversion, free withdrawal.

What is the role of the parties: TCC, Manulife, and TechTNMT?

  • Manulife: is an insurance company with Legacy affiliated investment insurance products licensed by the Ministry of Finance
  • TechTNMT: is the distributors of Legacy's investment-linked insurance products (under the distribution agreement between Tech and the Manulife)
  •  TCC: is a fund management company that manages the money of investors who choose to invest in 3 funds managed by TCC
  • Manulife AM: is a fund management company that manages the money of investors who choose to invest in 9 funds managed by Manulife AM
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