An Gia Nhu Y

Cumulative combined insurance with short premium payment period

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Benefits overview

Categories Description Coverage

Protection benefits‎

Hospital indemnity allowance

3 million VND/day hospitalized. 6 million VND/day in the ICUs

Hosital indemnity benefits

When the client has to be hospitalized‎ 100% Of the insured amount, up to 3 million VND/day‎


When the client has to be hospitalized in the intensive care unit‎

200% of the Insured Amount‎

‎Contract Maintenance Benefits‎

Additional allowances for each day of hospitalization from the 6th day onwards

‎20% of the Insured Amount‎

Death Benefits‎

Payment in the event that the client dies: the greater value between the Basic Account Value and the Insured Amount value plus the additional account value‎

‎up to 300% of the Insured Amount‎

Accidental Death Benefit‎

Extra payment in the event that a client dies due to an accident

up to 300% of the Insured Amount‎


‎Prepayment benefits as soon as the death benefit claim is received‎

up to 30 million VND

Accumulation and Investment Benefits

Recurring contract maintenance bonus

3% every 3 years on average value of the Basic Account


Special Loyalty bonus up to 150% and 400% of Basic Premium in the 1st contract year, at the 10th policy year  


Enjoy the full investment results from the Universal Fund, guaranteed no lower than the committed interest rate  

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Things you should know

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are death insurance benefits covered?‎

‎Death benefit is paid differently depending on the Insurance Plan chosen by the customer‎:‎
‎- Basic Insurance Plan: The Company pays the total amount of (i) The greater‎
‎value between the Insured Amount and the Basic Account Value and (ii) the Additional Contribution‎ Account Value. ‎
‎ - Advanced Insurance Plan: The Company pays the total amount of (i) the Insured‎
‎Amount and (ii) the Basic Account Value and (iii) the Additional Contribution Account Value. ‎
‎The Basic Account Value and Additional Contribution Account Value are determined at the time‎ the Company receives the request to resolve the Death Benefit.‎

‎Can customers join An Gia Nhu Y products with advanced plans?‎

‎An Gia Nhu Y products are sold with a Basic insurance plan, but from the 2nd contract year onwards, customers will be able to swap for an advanced plan if needed.

‎Does the amount of insurance you choose depend on the maximum requirement for 1 night in the hospital?

‎The hospital indemnity insurance benefit is equal to 0.2% of the insured amount, the minimum being 200 thousand VND and the maximum being 3 million VND (this does not depend on the Insured Amount). Customers can choose the insurance amount but the maximum hospitalization benefit is still 03 million VND/day‎.

‎Is there a fee for customers withdrawing from their account?‎

‎Withdrawals are free of charge for both the Base Account Value and the Additional Contribution Account Value. This is one of the outstanding features of An Gia Nhu Y, helping customers solve financial problems in the most flexible way during the Contract Term.‎

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