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Long-term protection against the risk of death and cancer



Benefits overview

Item Description Coverage

Protection Benefit

Death benefit

100% Face Amount
  Accidental death benefit

Up to 300% Face Amount additional

(This benefit will be terminated at the end of Policy Year 20)


Life-threatening cancer benefits
(Only applicable to Advanced Plan)

100% Face Amount

(This benefit will be terminated at the end of Policy Year 20)

Return-of-Premium Benefit

Policy Year to get maximum return-of-premium

20th year

Maximum value for return-of-premium: Basic plan


Maximum value for return-of-premium: Basic plan


Exemption from the next contract appraisal

Exemption from assessment for death benefits when entering a new policy within 60 days after the 20th policy year anniversary


Things you should know

Download Product information

We understand that it is important to understand the details of product information before making a decision to participate. Therefore, Techcombank provides product brochures and Rules & Terms that are easy to read, understand and ready to answer your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

After my contract is issued, how will I receive the whole insurance contract?

Customers can receive the entire insurance contract after issuing the contract in two forms:
• Customers receive the electronic insurance contract via SMS, email in the form of a link (if the customer has registered email with the company).
• At the same time, the customer will receive a set of insurance policies that do NOT include the terms and conditions of the product (If the customer selects the policy button on ePOS)
In case the customer needs to print the full set of paper insurance policies and terms of the product, the customer can send a print request to MVL BCS and VND 55,000 of the contract printing fee.

Is the electronic insurance contract a substitute for the paper insurance contract?


When did I receive my welcome call?


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