Exclusive privilege to be invited to
Techcombank Priority concert


From 10 years pioneering, Techcombank Priority is innovating day by day to deliver a worthy banking experience and service, reaching new heights with customers’ success.


As your success inspires our new aspirations, Techcombank Priority is transforming, accompanying customers to turn new ambitions into actions. A new outstanding chapter of Techcombank Priority will be kick-started with Exclusive Privilege for Priority customers - Privilege to attend the "Horizon of the next" Concert on August 19 in Ho Chi Minh City.


As a tribute to 10 years of companionship through challenges and commitment to elevated service, Techcombank Priority Concert "Horizon of the next" will curate an immersive musical space with performances of top artists such as Ha Anh Tuan, Ho Ngoc Ha, Van Mai Huong, Trung Quan Idol, Bui Lan Huong ..., The music night promises to bring an exploding experience to all senses, and inspires those new ambitions sublimated with art.

To enjoy your privilege, click “Discover Your Privilege” to explore how to receive concert tickets.