Peaceful - Happy - Preeminent life

Provide financial support from the very first stage
when you have serious illness

Provide financial support from the very first stage
when you have serious illness

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Outstanding benefits of Peaceful - Happy - Preeminent life insurance

Comprehensive financial protection against serious illnesses

Protection against serious illnesses through many stages with total benefits up to 300% of the Sum Insured. Pay an additional 25% of the Sum Insured for serious illness benefits for children or medical conditions by gender.

Short-term premium, long-term protection

Premium payment term is 12 years, 15 years or 20 years but protects up to age 99.

Peace of mind to accumulate

Comfort cash voucher benefits up to 100% Insurance amount at age 75, and attractive maturity benefits equal to 100% Insurance amount plus Insurance and Accumulated Interest.

Why you should choose Peaceful - Happy - Preeminent life

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Benefits overview

Item Description Coverage

Serious illness benefits

Early stage: pay up to 4 times

up to 500 million VND

Middle stage: pay up to 2 times

up to 1 billion VND

Last stage

up to 100% Insurance amount

Serious illness for children or Serious illness by gender (age 18 and older)

additional 25% of the Insurance amount

Death coverage

Payment when the breadwinner dies: up to 200% of the Insurance amount, the Insurance and Accumulated Interest (if any). At the same time, the advance funeral allowance is equal to 10% of the Sum Insured, up to VND 30 million as soon as the request for settlement of Death coverage is received.


Savings benefits

Special cash benefits

up to 100% Insurance amount

Contract expiration benefits

100% Insurance amount + accumulated savings benefits

Recurring bonus paid annually and gratitude bonus in the last year of the premium and subsequent years


Things you should know

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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