Export factoring

Financing rate is up to 90% of export contract 
Do not require other collaterals
Do acquire payment risk insurance


A comprehensive solution ensures safety for credit sale.

  1. Export factoring is a financing solution to customers through cooperation between Techcombank and big, credible international factoring partners ( Well Fargo)
  2. By acquiring the assignment of receivables in export contract with payment method of Telegraphic Transfer ( TT).
  3. Services: Financing based on receivables, Payment risk coverage Receivable management & collection.

Benefits for customers

Simple procedures

Simple procedures

  • Financing rate is up to 90% of receivable’s value.
  • Simple and quick procedure; speed up capital flow of customer.
Safety - Guaranteed

Safety - Guaranteed

  • Having payment risk coverage for decreasing bad debt loss , offered by big & credible factoring partner of Techcombank
  • Don’t require other collaterals and business plan for each disbursement.


  • Saving cost, time, human to follow & collect receivables, focusing on core business.
  • Creating competitive advantages in the export business when accepting T/T payment, increase ability of expanding market.

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