Working capital loan by credit limit

Financial stability, proactive capital

We help you to have control of your finance

Working Capital Loan by Credit Line is a one-year-or-less credit solution to regular funding needs during a specific period to stabilize businesses’ finance and increase control over business planning.

Benefits for businesses

Meeting working capital demands

To meet frequent working capital needs: throughout customers' business cycle, thereby helping to stabilize financial resources and increase the proactivity in planning production and business activities of customers.

Solution consulting

Get advice from Techcombank on the most suitable financial solution for customers' working capital needs

Reasonable interest rate, flexible limit

Reasonable working capital loan interest rate, flexible limit conditions

Simple procedures

Simple disbursement procedures: Minimize paperwork and procedures for each disbursement – ​​thereby, saving time from when customers’ need arises until they get the capital from the bank.

Registration documents

Please contact the nearest Techcombank’s branch or call the bank's business hotline for more details.

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