Service via the switchboard


You will be served with the following typical services:

  1. Instructions for filling out forms and service contracts.
  2. Check the status of domestic & international payment transactions.
  3. Update and notify the customer of problems in the transaction (if any).
  4. Professional support on electronic channels.

The values that Techcombank wants your business to experience

Convenient - Save

  • More convenient banking services: there is an additional channel of interaction, dedicated support, ensuring quick and timely receipt and processing of requests.
  • Save time: receive direct remote support instead of having to go to branches/trading offices to be able to process requests as before.

Safe – Accurate - Secure

  • Safe and accurate transactions: limited direct contact (especially during the trading season) but still supported to the full by a team of highly specialized operators.
  • Confidentiality of information: All information provided by customers will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with the law and the State Bank.

Free - 24/7 Support

  • Call free when contacting the switchboard 1800 6556
  • 24/7 continuous service (including holidays & public holidays) for emergency card lock support service through hotline of Corporate Services branch (from 8:30 - 17:30) and Personal Services branch (from after 17:30).

*In addition to the hotline number mentioned above, you can contact Techcombank via email:  with business customers.
-  for large business customers.

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