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Solution package

Categories Describe Value

1. Current account

Lucky account number Free


Account management fee Free

2. Term deposit interest rate

  More preferential on digital banking

3. Bao Loc Certificate of Deposit

  Competitive yield rate for number of actual holding days

4. Money transfer fee at the counter

For domestic and international transfers at the counter 30% discount off the standard fee

5. Digital banking service

Digital banking annual fee (*) Free for the first 3 years


Domestic transaction fee via Digital banking Free


Overseas telegraphic transfer (*) Free for the first 12 months.
From the 13th month, min USD 5

6. Inward remittance from overseas into FCY account


7. FX selling/buying

  Preferential FX rate up to 130 points via Digital banking

8. Techcombank Visa Business Debit Card

Issuance fee Free for first issuance


Annual fee Free for first year

9. H2H connection

  Discount 50% connection fee

10. Connecting digital banking to 3rd party

  Free connection and usage of MISA Bankhub service

11. Management of solution package fee (**)

  1.500.000 VND/month


(*) Please learn more about detailed Fees and Forms on the website
(**) Free solution package management fee when there is at least 1 valid transaction in a month and maintain an average payment account balance of at least 100 million VND/month.


Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

What kind of businesses can register for BusinessOne Solution Package?

All businesses can register for BusinessOne Solution Package.

What are the conditions to register BusinessOne Solution Package?

To register BusinessOne Solution Package, businesses need to satisfy the conditions of registering for Current account and E-Banking services.

Which costs are incurred when registering and using BusinessOne Solution Package?

Businesses are completely free to register for BusinessOne Solution Package and waived BusinessOne package management fee when businesses satisfy the conditions of each package.

In case businesses do not satisfy the condition, BusinessOne package management fee is 200.000 VND/month for BusinessOne Connect Package, 500.000 VND/month for BusinessOne Plus Package and 1.500.000 VND/month for BusinessOne Premium Package. Please refer to BusinessOne Solution Package fee schedule here.

Which banking products/services are included in BusinessOne Solution Package?

Businesses are provided with 3 main products for your business activities when registering for BusinessOne Solution Package: - Current account - E-Banking service F@st EBank: for payment, transfer, term deposit… - Techcombank VISA Business Debit Card For your reference, Solution packages include other services/products, please refer here for details

Why should businesses choose to use BusinessOne Solution Package?

Techcombank VISA Business Debit Card with the following outstanding advantages:

1. Saving costs
- Zero-fee for domestic transfers with no condition via F@st EBank
- Preferential interest rate on your VND Current account and online term deposit via F@st EBank
- Free current account management fee and annual fee of internet banking service
- Discount 50% overseas telegraphic transfer fee 
- Preferential FX rate up to 70 points
- Preferential domestic and overseas transfer fee over the counter

2. More convenient - More effective
- One-time registration for full package offer, lifetime free
- 24/7 payment and transfer via F@st EBank
- 2-Factor authentication for transaction initiation and approval
- Provide online documents for overseas transactions via F@st EBank
- Techcombank VISA Business Debit Card accepted nationwide for payments
- Corporate Contact Center 24/7

3. Secured
- Increased security in transaction via 2-Factor authentication for both hard token and Smart OTP
- Customization setup of authorization matrix to approve transactions and limit order value by user or transaction type

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