F@st EBank Electronic Bank

F@st Ebank is an e-banking service for Techcombank’s corporate customers
with outstanding features and benefits which helps to manage business easily
and effectively anytime, anywhere as well as saving costs.


Outstanding benefits

Cost saving

- 100% free for domestic and international transfers without any conditions
- Reduce operation cost for accounting apartment when making transactions

Quick transaction

-Timely make transactions even when not at the counter
- No need to come to the bank for money transfers.
- Access to accounts anywhere, anytime with different formats suitable to your business needs

Safe and secure

- Actively control and prevent forged transactions (forgery of signatures, incorrect amounts...).
- Allow multiple levels of approval for transactions
- Better security for users thanks to Smart OTP authentication (double authentication with a PIN and static password created by the users themselves; the PIN is not stored in any other system, increasing security)

F@st Ebank features

Account service

  • Account report

  • Transaction inquiry

  • Bulk transaction inquiry

  • Download and print bank statements, debit notes and credit notes

Money transfer service

  • Transfer funds between accounts

  • Intrabank money transfer within Techcombank

  • Domestic money transfer

  • Batch transfers/salary transfers

  • Internation money transfer

  • Intrabank foreign exchange transfer within Techcombank

  • Bill and tax payments

Financial services

  • Deposits: deposit contract query, open a deposit account

  • Credit services: loan statements, loan information query, repayment history

  • Trade finance: L/C information, information on the set of documents, guarantee contract

  • Open/settle deposit accounts

Online utilities

  • Transaction log

  • Trace transactions

  • View activity history

  • Beneficiary management

  • Cash flow management and other reports

  • Activate Smart OTP

  • Register for real-time balance fluctuations via the Smart OTP app

How to use featured utilities

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