Salary payment


Service overview

Is a payment service that allows customers to pay salaries, bonuses and allowances to employees/employees. Customers can pay staff salaries in VND or foreign currency, to their domestic or international account

Outstanding features

- Customers can increase the security of salary transactions by decentralizing specialized human resources staff to view the details of salary transactions.
- Salary transactions in foreign currencies for experts, foreigners can be done quickly without having to submit documents proving the purpose for each transaction.
- Customers can make salary payments for many employees on the same payment request/ 1 data file when transacting on e-banking.
- Flexible method of debiting the account: once with the amount equal to the total amount on a payment offer; or many times corresponding to the transaction number on the payment request

Outstanding Benefits

Transactions are absolutely secured by multiple level of protection

Pay anytime, anywhere with e-banking system 24/7 and a wide network of branches/transaction offices

Save cost when paying via e-banking channel

Conditions of service use

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