Solution Packages

Safe, convenient and cost-optimized solutions for business




1. Current account and payment

2. Basic Digital Banking service (1) see details below

3. Advanced Digital Banking service (2) see details below


4.Techcombank Visa Debit Card for

5. Inward remittance from overseas,
crediting into FCY account


6. Salary Payment

Salary payment on behalf service

Personal financial services for
employees receiving salary


7. H2H online connection service

Businesses register more when needed Businesses register more when needed Businesses register when in need and enjoy offers

8. Connecting digital banking to 3rd party (3) see details below

Service details

(1) Basic Digital Banking service

  • Single/Batch domestic transaction
  • QR code payment
  • Bao Loc Certificate of Deposit
  • 24/7 online bill payment
  • FX selling
  • Tax and custom payment
  • Loan payment


(2) Advanced Digital Banking service

  • International money transfer
  • Buy foreign currency for international money transfer


(3) Connecting to MISA Bankhub with multiple utilities in order to fulfill the demands of enterprises.

  • Online payment directly from accounting software without re-accounting
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Automatic generation of receipts/payments
  • Trasaction history lookup from accounting software



 Default features cannot be removed.

These features are on by default, however users have the option not to use them. If the client does not choose to make use of
it, kindly note in the "Other" section of the application form.



With other features provided by the bank but not listed in the package, you still register to use it normally when needed.

For details of MISA service package, please contact a consultant for detailed advice. Hotline: 1900 8677

For details of BusinessOne solution package fees, please visit the Fees and Forms website

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for the BusinessOne Solution Package?

All business customers can subscribe to the BusinessOne Solution Package

Conditions to subscribe the BusinessOne solution package?

To participate in the BusinessOne Solution Package, customers need to meet the registration conditions to use Current account and Digital Banking Services.

What are the costs incurred when registering and using the BusinessOne Solution Package?

Customers are completely free to register for BusinessOne Solution Package and exempt from BusinessOne Package services when meeting the conditions of each package. In case customers do not meet this condition, the cost of BusinessOne Package service is 200,000 VND/month for BusinessOne Connect Package, 500,000 VND/month for BusinessOne Plus Package and 1,500,000 VND/month for BusinessOne Premium Package. Please refer to the BusinessOne solution package fee here.

What products/services are included in the BusinessOne Solution Package?

Customers are provided with three main products for their business activities when they sign up for the BusinessOne Solution Package:
- Current account
- Digital Banking services: for payment, transfer, deposit... 
- Techcombank VISA international debit card
In addition, the solution package also includes other services/products.

Why should businesses choose to use the BusinessOne Solution Package?

With just one time for registration, businesses can use a full package of banking products and services on the platform of Digital Banking and Techcombank Visa international debit cards for businesses with outstanding advantages:

1. Cost saving
- Free domestic transfer via Digital Banking without conditions
- Preferential interest rates on demand deposits and term deposits compared to branches
- Free account management and annual fee for internet banking service
- 50% off international transfer fees
- Offer exchange rate up to 70 points when buying and selling foreign currency
- Discount on domestic and international transfer fees at the counter

2. More convenient - More efficient
- 1 time registration, full package, free for life
- Payment and transfer 24/7 on Digital Banking
- Decentralized approval account with two-layer securities
- Submit online documents for international payment orders on Digital Banking
- Pay nationwide with Techcombank Visa international debit card for corporates

- 24/7 customer support service

3. Safe and secure
- Increase security in transaction authentication via 2-factor authentication for both hard tokens and Smart OTP
- Customize setup of authorization matrix to approve transactions and limit order value by user or by transaction type
- Receive balance change notifications via email or Digital Banking

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