Optimize short-term cash flow for businesses

Profit every day — Withdraw money instantly with Bao Loc Certificate of Deposit

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Bao Loc Certificate of Deposit (Bao Loc CD)


The optimal financial solutions for businesses:

  • Having short-term idle cash flow of at least 1 day
  • Seeking a safe deposit option with higher interest rates than storing money in a current account
  • Having flexible withdrawal needs

Outstanding benefits

Daily profit

Receive attractive interest rates of up to 4.75%/year for each holding day

(*)  Interest rates fluctuate over time and are updated at the time of purchase.

Instant withdrawal

Withdraw money in less than 1 minute, receive interest based on the actual number of holding days

Convenient experience

Transact anytime – anywhere, conveniently and swiftly on Techcombank Business Digital Banking

Why is Bao Loc CD a good fit for your business?

Let's imagine


  • Your business has just received 5 billion VND as payment from a partner, and plans to use it to place a new order. While you're negotiating prices with the supplier, what can you do with this idle money?


  • The best option is Bao Loc CD, which enables you to obtain high interest rates while maintaining the flexibility to convert them into cash when needed.


  • 16 days following the successful contract negotiation and signing, you sold Bao Loc CD in order to pay the supplier

Thus, after 16 days holding, the yield earned is equivalent to the interest rate of 4.20%/year

Total profit is

9,205,479 VND

Introduce new feature "Auto Sweeping"


Automatically buy Bao Loc CD for corporate customers


Trading online

Trading online

Frequently Asked Questions

Which organization issues Bao Loc CD? Is this product safe?

Bao Loc CD is a deposit product issued by Techcombank in compliance with the State Bank's regulations. Bao Loc CD has the same value as a savings deposit, safe and insured like a savings deposit. Bao Loc CD has a term of 36 /48 months; interest is paid periodically every 3/6 months into the business's current account opened at Techcombank and is free of transfer fees.

CCTG Bao Loc is NOT a Fund Certificate.

Do I have to pay transfer fees when trading Bao Loc CD on Techcombank Business?

You don't have to pay any tranfer fees when trading Bao Loc CD Online

What is yield rate or odd day interest rate and how to calculate it?

Yield date/Odd day interest rate is the rate calculated when you sell/transfer Bao Loc CD.

Yeild rate/Odd day interest rate = (Selling price - Buying price + Total yield received)/Buying price*365/number of holding days

Where can I find the latest yield rate of Bao Loc CD?

Please refer to the yield when transferring Bao Loc CD in Techcombank Business application:
For expected yield when buying Bao Loc CD:

  • Step 1: From the home screen, select More > Bao Loc Certificate of Deposit > Buy in
  • Step 2: Enter the total par value you want to buy and select Continue. The system will display purchase suggestion.
  • Step 3: Select Return projectment tool for the total amount purchased and enter the expected selling date. The system will display detailed expected profits for the total amount you want to buy.

For profits when selling CCTG:

  • Step 1: From the home screen, select More > Bao Loc Certificate of Deposit > Sell out
  • Step 2: Enter the total par value to sell, select the list of certificates to sell and select Continue
  • Step 3: The system will display Total receiving interest. Select View detailed list of CDs and return breakdown to review details.

Does Techcombank have a buyback commitment for Bao Loc CD?

According to the regulations of the State Bank, Techcombank is not permitted to repurchase CDs issued by ourselves.


However, a lot of customers engage in CD transactions due to its exceptional features regarding interest rates and trading platforms.


Techcombank will consider an exception allowing you to settle the CD before maturity and benefit from a non-term interest rate for a period of time from the date of buying till the date of selling, in the event that your business is unable to find a partner to transfer and needs to withdraw capital immediately.


Bao Loc CD is just as safe and insured as a savings deposit, and it has the same value.

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