Trading custodial account


Service overview

  1. Trading custodial service is an escrow deposit placed by the escrow party at the custodian agent (TCB) to be returned to another party upon fulfillment of pre-determined conditions or events within an agreed period of time.
  2. The custodial agreement is signed by the parties to the transaction and the custodian agent.
  3. TCB commits to manage the money on the custodial account and only releases it when it satisfies the conditions of release according to the agreement signed between the parties.

Outstanding features

Transaction currency: VND or foreign currency.

Interest rate: 0% or choose term deposit or non-term deposit

Amount: As agreed between the parties

The payment purpose is controlled

Inquiry account on E-Banking

Get money credited and debited only by TCB

Outstanding features

Ensure the obligations and rights of the two parties (for example, the seller and the buyer, ...) in the custodial agreement

Service usage requirements

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