Transform your cash and liquidity management

Advancing corporate treasury management with C-Cash

Advancing corporate treasury management with C-Cash


Comprehensive treasury management solution

Make financial decisions faster

  • Empower your treasury management with Techcombank's comprehensive banking solutions
  • Centralise cash management on a single platform with integrated multi-bank data
  • Rest assured with data secured by the world's leading security standards

Save time and resources

  • Manage anytime, anywhere with the mobile app, supporting multiple languages
  • Automate processes, integrate with Techcombank/ERP, and easily download data from other banks

Work with a team of professionals

  • Easy to join, sign just 01 contract with all service providers
  • Ready to use in just 03-12 weeks, without consuming many IT resources
  • End-to-end implementation and operation support, alongside access to an extensive treasury knowledge hub, curated for businesses

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Exclusive deals for managing business treasury with C-Cash

Free admission and usage fees for the C-Cash platform, total worth up to 276.8 billion VND

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What our customers say

“Thanks to the automatic data synchronization from Techcombank to our platform, we are now able to see a complete picture of our cash flow and its values. We are working with the project team to find ways to  manage cash flow by project, as this is an important issue for our business.”

CFO - Leading mechanical engineering company

“As a fintech company, we have developed many applications to automate our processes, but none fully met our needs. We found that C-Cash helped us with the aggregation and reporting of balances."



Revenue Accountant - Leading Technology Group of Vietnam

“As a decision-maker, I am very pleased to see an integrated report that includes all bank balances and transactions.”




CEO - Frozen meat import and distribution company

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my business get from the Treasury Management Solution, C-Cash?

C-Cash solution includes access to and use of:

  • Treasury Management System (TMS)
  • Platform implementation and support services
  • Treasury Educational Package 

Who are the partners involved in offering C-Cash?

C-Cash has been developed in collaboration with leading subject matter advisor in technology, financial and treasury fields:

  • VinID Pay, a service provider for the Treasury Management System (TMS)
  • Kyriba, world-leading TMS software provider
  • Deloitte, a partner of VinID Pay, providing customers with TMS implementation, management and user support services
  • PwC Vietnam, an advisor of treasury management framework in C-Cash solution for Techcombank 

What is a Treasury Management System (TMS)? How is it different from ERP?

Maintained by Kyriba, TMS is a system that primarily serves the treasury management function with outstanding benefits such as:

  • Cash position reporting
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Data integration with banks and related parties to perform financial transactions
  • Foreign exchange trading
  • Bank relationship management, etc. 

The ERP system will focus more on managing business resources, from production, sales, purchasing, inventory management, and finance. Some ERP systems may have the basic features of a TMS system. 

ERP is comprehensive, so the investment cost is high with long implementation time, while the scope of TMS is smaller and the implementation time can be within weeks. 

Does my business need to have an ERP system ready to use C-Cash?

Businesses do not necessarily have to have or be using ERP.

The TMS system allows businesses to upload data from multiple formats, different bank sources, and from accounting or ERP software. In case the business already has ERP, it can be integrated with TMS to automate some data update steps for forecasting, payment, etc.

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