Payment for domestic goods and services 

Is a payment service that allows financial customers to transfer money in the territory of Vietnam, whereby:

  • Beneficiaries (organizations and individuals) can receive money through their account opened at Techcombank or another bank, or

  • Beneficiaries (individuals) can receive cash at a branch/transaction office of Techcombank or another bank.

Payment for payables to the state budget

Is a payment service that allows customers to pay taxes, late payment interest, fines, fees, charges, and other payables of the customer to the state budget or other organizations to tax authorities or customs office. Tax debts will be automatically reconciled, for debt elimination and customs clearance (customs tax/fees). Service includes:

  • Transfer money to pay domestic tax and

  • Transfer to pay customs tax

Bill payment 

Is a payment service that allows customers to quickly pay service/goods bills in which the bills will be recognized and debited automatically by the supplier.

Salary payment

Is a payment service that allows customers to pay salary, bonus, and allowance for their employees. Customers can pay salary in VND or foreign currency, to domestic or foreign accounts.

Transfer money abroad

Is a payment service that allows customers to pay for goods and services to suppliers and partners abroad in a safe and convenient way at a reasonable cost.

Techcombank Visa debit card for Business

Techcombank Visa international debit card is a spending management tool that brings convenience and safety to businesses.
Moreover, this is a chance to get profit when making transactions

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