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    Domestic factoring

  • Features:
  • Domestic Factoring or Accounts Receivable Finance is the solution in which TCB finances seller of goods and service by Receivables purchase and with recourse.
  • Financing ratio up to 100% of Receivable/ Invoice value.
  • Seller will be granted Factoring limit. 
  • Benefit:
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs), hence improve business cycle and liquidity.
  • Availability of immediate working capital without collateral quicken the cash conversion cycle.
  • Increase the sales volume while remaining the current credit term with Buyer.


Negotiation under domestic LC


  • Negotiation is a purchase by Techcombank of shipping documents (include Bill of exchange or not) under domestic LC by advancing funds to the seller on or before the maturity date.
  • Applicable for negotiation with recourse for documents under LC & negotiation without recourse for documents under LC.

  • Negotiation up to 100% value of documents equivalent to various types.

  • Negotiation with tenor equivalent to various types.


  • Get advanced payment, working capital optimization, increase liquidity of documents.
  • Low financial expense.

  • Increase commercial advantage by providing usance tenor for buyer.

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