Import L/C

Enhance reputation - Ensure transaction security

Import L/C<

Enhance reputation - Ensure transaction security

Features and Benefits of Import L/C



  • Safe for both buyers and sellers

  • Enhancing the position of importers in negotiations as this is a payment method guaranteed by Techcombank as the issuing bank

  • Supported by Techcombank to finance to pay LC when maturity

  • Consulted by professional, dedicated and knowledgeable staffs



Irrevocable credit undertaking issued by Techcombank on behalf of Customer (Applicant/ Buyer) to pay to Beneficiary (Seller) when the Beneficiary presents documents that comply with terms and conditions of L/C and  applied international practices

  • Diversified types of LC: at sight LC, usance LC, revolving LC, transferable LC, usance LC with negotiating bank....

  • Competitive fee, simple procedure and quick process

  • TCB has a wide network of correspondent banks around the world

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