Sponsoring of Masan distributors

Comprehensive credit solutions to meet business capital needs


Financing of Masan distributors

  1. Based on strategic and comprehensive cooperation with Masan Group – one of the largest corporations in Vietnam in the field of consumer goods
  2. In order to understand the business characteristics and capital needs of distributors, we have launched the "Masan Distributor Financing" product with outstanding incentives.

Benefits for businesses

Outstanding credit policies

  • Maximum loan limit of up to 4 times equity capital according to TCB and MSC trading reputation

  • Granting limits to use overdraft accounts to disburse Masan purchase payments quickly and conveniently

  • Loan/real estate ratio is up to 90% of the valuation value, accepted as a product item of Masan with a loan ratio of 95%

  • The goods are self-managed by the customer and only maintain 105% of the outstanding debt secured by the goods

  • There is no need for reciprocal equity capital and receiving only goods as collateral in the first 2 months of trading

  • Receive additional items of Vinh Hao, Vinacafe and White Lion Beer,etc. provided by Masan's Related Companies

  • Served by the best staff and business units

Cash flow benefit optimization policies

  • Free transfer payment to Masan in the same system

  • Competitive fees


Please reach out to the nearest branch or call the Bank's business support hotline for more details.

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