Export factoring

A comprehensive solution ensures safety for credit sale


Export factoring

  1. Export factoring is a financing solution to customers through cooperation between Techcombank and big, credible international factoring partners (Well Fargo, CIT, DBS...)
  2. By acquiring the assignment of receivables in export contract with payment method of Telegraphic Transfer ( TT)


  • Financing based on receivables,
  • Payment risk coverage
  • Receivable management & collection

Benefits for Business

Receive advance payment from Techcombank based on the value of accounts receivable while no collateral is required

The advance ratio is up to 90% of the buying value of accounts receivable

Techcombank accepts the factoring for accounts receivable  which has the remaining payment time up to 180 days

Techcombank supports to manage and collect the accounts receivable by professional processing and monitoring system

Techcombank's parnership banks are big, credible international factoring banks in the interntional finance market, shall verify the reputation of the buyers

Receive credit risk guarantee if the buyer is insolvent if the Business has has fulfilled the delivery obligations in the contract and there is no commercial dispute

Payment currency of accounts receivable can be in: USD, EUR, JPY, HKD and other types of foreign currencies accepted by partner banks

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