New 6-digit security code

In order to increase the safety of transactions on the Techcombank Business digital banking application,

the security code will be changed from 4 numbers to 6 numbers. To change the password, customers need

to log in to the application and follow the instructions on the displayed notification.


Chinese interface

In addition to the existing Vietnamese and English interfaces, from July 6, Techcombank Business officially launched the Chinese interface. To change to a new language, users need to log in and follow the instructions: Log in to Techcombank Business >> select More >> select Settings >> Language >> Chinese.


Bank Guarantee Issuance in batches

Customers' online guarantee issuance journey continues to be enhanced with the completely new feature "Bank Guarantee issuance in batches" which comes with many outstanding advantages:

  • 100% online, no need for hard copy documents, no need for digital signatures

  • Convenient, easy to issue up to 5 types of guarantees (Bid guarantee, Contract performance, Advance, Payment, Warranty). Maximum 30 bank guarantees/ lot

  • Preferential fees exclusively for online transactions


Transfer foreign currency domestically

The completely new "Domestic foreign currency transfer" feature is expected to help businesses transfer foreign currency more quickly and easily internally, as well as between affiliated companies.

With this feature, customers can transfer money from the customer's payment account to their own account opened at Techcombank and/or other banks in Vietnam, applicable to 6 popular foreign currencies.


Approve Bao Loc Certificate of Deposit transactions on Techcombank Business website & Update new trading hours

From July 6, 2024, approvers will be allowed to approve/reject transaction requests to buy/sell Bao Loc Certificates of Deposit on the Techcombank Business website. At the same time, online trading hours for certificates of deposit have also changed, increasing 30 minutes of trading on weekdays, from Monday to Friday.

Details as follows:


Monday – Friday



08:00:00 – 17:00:00

08:00:00 – 12:00:00

After change

08:00:00 – 17:30:00

08:00:00 – 12:00:00


Increase 30 minutes

Same as previous


Online Service feature 

With the Online Service feature, customers only need to register once at the counter, then can proactively:
- Self-update user information online via Techcombank Business (phone number and email)
- Self-lock/unlock online users via Techcombank Business

To experience completely new features on Techcombank Business, don't forget to update the application to the latest version (version 2.0.22).

  • For iOS: Go to App Store >> Search “Techcombank Business” >> Select “Update”​
  • For Android: Go to CH Play >> Search “Techcombank Business” >> Select “Update”