Treasury Maturity Assessment

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Techcombank, with the consultation of PwC Vietnam, developed this assessment questionnaires to evaluate the maturity level of of a corporate cash and treasury management. Your responses will help Techcombank define opportunities to provide solutions to enhance your cash and treasury management capability. All your responses are held with our strictest confidence and only for the purpose of developing solutions to corporate clients.


There are 25 questions across 6 sessions: 

1. Treasury governance

2. Organization structure 

3. Cash and liquidity management

4. Funding management

5. Risk management

6. Digitalisation and technology


Please select the most appropriate statement which matches with your company's current situation.

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1. Treasury governance

1. To what extent are Treasury processes and procedures documented?
2. To what extent are the commitments in loan agreements monitored?
3. To what extent are bank relationships managed?
4. How many banks are the business using and how are the agreements with the banks being evaluated for suitability?
5. What is the current level of demand for transaction banking services at the business?
6. How does the business manage bank fees and register for bank services?

2. Organization structure

1. Who is responsible for performing Treasury operations at the business?
2. How does the company divide responsibilities between the front office and back office?

3. Cash and liquidity management

1. To what extent is the business’s cash balance visible?
2. How does the business reconcile its bank balance?
3. How does the business invest its surplus funds and does it have an investment management policy?
4. How is the automation of payment transactions being implemented at the company?
5. What is the business's payment cycle and frequency?
6. To what extent is accounting transaction processing automated at the business?
7. How often does the enterprise perform cash flow forecasting?
8. How does the business forecast cash flow?
9. How does the analyse the difference between forecast and actual to validate the accuracy of cash flow forecasting?

4. Fund management

1. How diverse is the business's source of capital?
2. How is the business monitoring the use of its credit limit?
3. How does the business carry out internal loans with affiliated companies or shareholders?
4. How is the business managing its working capital?

5. Risk management

1. How does the business receive exchange rate quotes?
2. How does the business receive interest rate quotes?

6. Digitisation and technology

1. Is your business interested in a specialized Treasury Management System (TMS)?
2. What system does the business use to connect to the bank?

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Survey result on corporate treasury maturity

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Red indicates scores below the mean, while green indicates scores above the mean. 

*Treasury maturity rating is scored on a scale from 1-5

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