Brokerage commodity transaction through international transaction

Brokerage commodity transaction through international transaction

Online - secure - fast commodity transaction


Techcombank has made ​​online connection to almost commodity exchanges around the world

  1. Commodity futures contract is traded through the international exchange. Accordingly, the price is determined at the time the transaction is performed and goods is delivered at a specified time in the future.
  2. Terms and conditions of the contract are standardized and listed on commodity exchanges.
  3. The trading markets: Non-ferrous metals (LME), Agricultural products, Energy.

Benefits for Business

  • Increased profits from predefining fixed costs and risks

  • Flexible in settlement mechanisms

  • Online trading with Exchanges, saving time and improving investment opportunities

  • Public and transparent auction mechanisms, creating the most favorable and fair conditions for Vietnam businesses

  • Low transaction costs, high liquidity, increased profits

  • Margin account maintained at a low level, increasing the opportunity to use funds

Term of use and Documents required

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