The financial sponsorship program
for the 1st level distributors of FMCG


The financial sponsorship program for the 1st level distributors of FMCG

  1. el distributors of FMCG 1. Providing comprehensive financial solutions for enterprises operating in the industry including: specialized overdrafts, supplementary business capital, investment financing, payment guarantees, etc.
  2. With the Sponsorship Program, the Business will minimize financial risks, reduce the time it takes to deal with the bank, and focus on the business.

Products in the Program

Dedicated overdraft

  • Proactively pay for purchases to Suppliers
  • Cost savings, transaction time at the bank

Granting of additional capital limits for business

  • The granted limit does not depend on the collateral is real estate
  • To grant a limit sufficient for the shortage of capital due to inventories, goods on the road, promotional goods, etc.

  • Pre-licensing for business peak season in order to: Take advantage of business opportunities, increase credibility with Suppliers, Increase profits from discounts and rewards for peak season sales

Payment guarantee

Issuance of payment guarantee for deferred purchase from the Supplier

Investment financing

Financing warehouse construction, investment in fixed assets, investment in machinery and equipment and automobile lending products

Other products and services.

  • L/C Release
  • Deposit products (term or non-term)
  • Current products according to the provisions of the Techcombank
  • Cash collection, cash management services. Minimize the risk of loss during cash collection from retail outlets 

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