Domestic Payment

Sustainable connection of the supply chain between buyers and sellers



Benefits for Customers who are Suppliers

Active to receive advance payment immediately after delivery and issue invoices on the basis of the Economic Contract, purchase and sale documents, delivery and payment confirmation of the Buyer (if any)

  • Advance up to 100% of Accounts Receivable
  • Save costs with lower interest rates than loans, no collateral required
  • Have the opportunity to negotiate to improve commercial terms with partners, increase competition in the market
  • Save time and cost of tracking and collecting receivables. Simple application process, quick disbursement time.

Benefits for Customers who are Buyers

There is an opportunity to increase financial and non-financial benefits on the basis of cooperation with the Bank to provide factoring solutions for Suppliers:

  • Strengthening relationships and sustainable connections with Suppliers
  • Receive financial benefits from deferred purchases
  • Savings in Accounts Payable Management
  • Increase transparency and business efficiency

Advantages of Techcombank

  • There is a system to support online disbursement and automatic debt collection
  • Commitment to disburse within 3 hours from the time the Supplier sends an advance request
  • Applying the chain and group serving model, ensuring to meet all the needs of Buyers and Suppliers

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