​Local Tax Collection - At The Counter

Accurate tax collection - Fast and Convenient


Accurate tax collection - Fast and Convenient

Domestic tax collection product is a service provided by TECHCOMBANK to support the State in collection of State budget from organizations/businesses, individuals with taxable pbligations

Benefits for business

Reduce time and effort in tax payment.

Online lookup for the tax amount payable to State budget in a timely and accurate manner.

Confirm the tax payment as soon as the transaction is completed at the Bank.

Business may pay tax at more than 300 branches of Techcombank across the country.

Product features

Target customers:

Organizations/businesses with taxable obligations.

Scope of application:

All branches of Techcombank.

Implementation channel:

At the counters of Techcombank

Features of the service:

- Exchange information via e-portal 
- Make tax payment
- Allow to change tax payment content
- Allow to cancel conducted tax payment documents 
- Print tax payment documents 
- Look up tax payment data by tax identification number or tax payment document.


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