Financing enterprises in oil and gas supporting industry

Percentage of Guarantee deposit is flexible and beneficial for customers
Accept investor's guarantee letter


Financing to oil & gas supporting industry                

1. After years of experience, Techcombank has become the leading bank in providing specialized products for different industries.

2. Moreover, with in-depth knowledge about business features as well as customers’ needs, Techcombank has launched the product "Short-term Financing for Enterprises in Oil and Gas Supporting Industry" with many outstanding benefits.

Benefits for Businesses

Accept the pre-paid TTR financing method with collateral being goods and debt claims.

Flexible interest rate scheme based on customer’s credit rating and type of collateral.

Flexible collateral structure and Loan to Value ratio

Accept debt claims from Petro Vietnam and its subsidiaries as collateral.

Preferential and flexible guarantee deposit ratio for each customer

Accept Form of Letter of Guarantee of developers.

Simple procedures and checklist

Quick turn-around-time

Contact information

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