Construction/installation business credit

Competitive interest rate

Financial peace of mind, steady growth

Granting credit to construction/installation business through a full-package and specialized financial solution that meets the funding and service needs in the operations of construction/installation businesses.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Secured financing: focus on implementing the project as Techcombank is committed to finance the entire project implementation period.

  • Preferential loan policies: preferential policies available as parts of a full-package service, on marginal deposit ratio and maximum lending value.

  • Competitive interest rate

  • Loan security method is designed to best suit the specialization of construction/installation businesses (Table of self-listed workloads, table of workloads having passed acceptance test, goods purchased using loan disbursement)

  • Comprehensive cashflow management solutions available to optimize and effectively manage your business cashflows.

  • Comprehensive financing solutions available for different participants of a project chain (primary contractors, secondary contractors), to support you in controlling funding and completing the projects on time.

  • Business Eligibility Conditions

  • In need for full-package services including: Guarantees, credit and payment for project expenses arising as you are implementing a project.

  • Use the very project contract as collateral for credit and guarantee obligations arising from the project.

  • The payment account stated in the project contract is your Techcombank business account and this is unchanged throughout project implementation period


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